How much does it cost to play LIT night golf?

Each event is different and the price depends on the location and ranges generally ranges from $65 to $95. Each round of night golf includes your green fee for 9 holes of night golf, golf cart, and 3 golf balls.

What comes with my round of night golf?

With every night golf event we provide a 9 hole scramble tournament, golf cart, and 3 LIT Golf balls included in your round. You can purchase optional food and beverages, LIT Golf Chips for chances to win cash prizes, and gear and merchandise separately.

How do I sign-up for a night golf event?

Please go to our upcoming events page where you can RSVP for you and your group for the night golf event you want to attend.

How do the LIT Night Golf balls work?

LIT Golf Balls are the latest technology in night golf balls and will remain lit up for over 30 hours of continuous play. Activate your ball by shining your mobile phone flashlight over the circle indicator on the ball. Shine the light over the circle again to cycle through your color preference and to turn off the ball to be stored for later use.

How can I host a night golf event?

We've made hosting an event very simple. Call us at 704-448-9993 or visit the HOST A NIGHT GOLF EVENT page to get the details.