How to Prepare for Night Golf in Myrtle Beach: Tips for an Unforgettable Experience
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How to Prepare for Night Golf in Myrtle Beach: Tips for an Unforgettable Experience

The beauty in night golf is more excitement to actually see the beauty of Myrtle Beach and the greater thrill of playing games with the stars as a guide. And if you consider yourself an accomplished golfer or an amateur armed with enthusiasm, night golf in Myrtle Beach is something just not to be missed. To prepare you adequately for the night out on the green, below is a conclusive guide on what to take yourself through before and during the night golf adventure.

Bring Essential Accessories:

  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Extra Small Towel
  • Bluetooth Speaker

A headlamp or flashlight is definitely on the list of things to bring. Although the playing course is lit up for night play, it is possible to need personal sources of light while in your cart or looking for the right club to grab out of your bag.  Also, think about bringing an extra small towel, everything gets wet later in the evening, especially at the beach!

Bring your music too!  There's nothing like jamming out with a Bluetooth speaker on full blast while teeing off at night under the stars.  

Arrive Early to Check-In:

To ensure a smooth start to your evening, aim to arrive at the course at least one hour before the event starts. That way, this will leave enough time for each group member to check in, and this is paramount in group coordination, as well as with preparations with the set-up of the night ahead.

Warm-Up on the Driving Range & Putting Green

Use the driving range to warm up and loosen up for your first swing of the day. It's also good practice and will allow you to get used to striking your LIT golf balls in lower-light conditions.  Putting  on the practice green is a great way to get a feel for these funky balls.

Have Fun!

We're not trying to lower our handicap here and the USGA likely to be present as a Trump Golf Tournament.  Playing night golf in Myrtle Beach should be exactly what it sounds like: an absolute blast in a great place and the thrill of the game we love at night. Playing night golf in Myrtle Beach should present an experience not soon to be forgotten. Enjoy the course, company, and the unique challenge that only the game at night can provide. 

Golfers experiencing a night out playing golf in Myrtle Beach is not all about playing the best game; it is all about fun with a game in a totally new way. Make sure to visit and contact us if you have any questions about what to bring. 

Be it for the improvement of your game or to have a night out with friends, night golf in Myrtle Beach certainly does mean one and all. Take part, gear up, and flash the night with your golfing moves!


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